The Pope’s “Great Words” Causing a Catholic Transition, Plus a Harvard Professor’s 1-min Video Warning

In Daniel 7, out of the 4th beast that represented the Roman Empire, a “little horn” grew to speak “great words.” All the Protestant reformers saw the little horn as the papacy. The biblical clues include it’s “great word against the Most High” in its official titles like “Lord God the Pope.”

The little horn “changed times” of worship from Sabbath to Sunday “and laws,” (Dan 7:25) getting rid of the 2nd Commandment against image worship [worth ship] and dividing the 10th Commandment so they still have ten. Now the pope attacks God’s law again and our US Constitution with more “great words.”

A Harvard professor of Economics asked a Marxist student on a scholarship from China if he learned anything surprising while here in the US. The reply may surprise you…

The “great words” of a Marxist pope may find fertile soil in the mind of a Marxist president, Take 2-3 min

We will be over-run with Muslim immigrants and soon we will not be able to hire enough police to keep the law—we will need martial law enforced by military. The US gov is getting ready for it; JADE HELM was a first-ever military exercise on US soil and it fulfills Bible prophecy

When asked about the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the world, Christ warned His followers to flee when they saw “the abomination of desolation.” When the Roman army came in 66 AD, believers understood the sign and fled. They were spared the siege in 70 AD when Titus came.

How about us? Getting into a rural location could well be the first step toward safety. Doing all we know is a source of peace of comfort. To say, Jesus is going to save me (when we don’t do what He said to do) may not work so well. A year early is better than a day late. Waiting means we may not be able to get anything out of our house, Matt 25:17.

Ellen White, esteemed a prophetess by Seventh-day Adventists, had a dream of church leaders becoming Catholic with her goods confiscated. More…

For a deeper look, there’s an article posted showing how the “great words” by the pope fit a prophetic timing…

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