Autism, Vaccinations, Monsanto, Remedy, Iran Cheating Already, Muslim Refugees, Catholic War in Vietnam-JFK Assassination Link, Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal Antichrist System

Autism, Vaccinations, Monsanto, Remedy! Mother of autistic boy discovers remedy that helps hundreds–click “Remedy” link. Approximately 1 in 50 school-aged children in the United States diagnosed with autism (2011). Taking into account that in 2007 this ratio was at 1 in 87 children, by 2025 it is predicted that half of United States children will have autism! Japan has much less because they wait 2 years before vaccinating. Tiny babies aren’t able to handle the mercury and formaldehyde preservatives used in the multi-dose vials of so many vaccines.

Iran Cheating Already

Muslim Refugees

Catholic War in Vietnam & JFK Assassination
Summary: Catholic head of Vietnam persecutes Buddhists.
USA under Kennedy (a Catholic himself) protests.
Vietnam does not listen and Kennedy cuts off aid and does a ‘regime change’
Both the catholic Vietnamese leader, his brother and Kennedy die within 3 weeks of each other’s deaths.

Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal Antichrist System This man says he’s been threatened. I believe he is telling the truth. We need people to share the information widely so it cannot be traced to where it came from. Please pass it on!

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