Muslim Invasion of Europe + Obama’s Inviting Muslims Here = Biblical End Times of Daniel’s Prophecy

When asked about the end of the age, the Great Teacher whose life divided BC from AD said to understand the book of Daniel. That book was “sealed until the time of the end,” but the 8th chapter has a vision “at the time of the end” with a candid view to convince skeptics that what Daniel saw is happening now.

Historians say Alexander the Great’s victory over the Medes and Persians was verse 20, but they overlook verse 17 that says it’s “at the time of the end.” Those nations are now Iraq and Iran, represented by the ram with two horns, and “the higher horn came up last.” Iran will be more trouble than Iraq.

The ram pushes “north” (Russia is north—ISIS just downed a Russian plane), and west (into Europe). But it angers a goat (Global Organization Against Terrorism) that flies from the west and stomps the ram, breaking both horns, presumably bringing an end to militant Muslims in the Middle East. (verses 4-7)

Clues fit this “end-time” application with the goat “coming from the west on the face of the whole earth” (US coalition v Saddam had troops from S. America, Canada, Bosnia, Australia, Korean, “the whole earth”) and “it touched not the ground.” Our fight against Iraq was the first historic air war. Daniel was by the River Ulai when he saw the vision. The modern name is Karun River by Kuwait where US troops deployed.

It’s interesting that the pope calls for Europe to open its arms to receive millions of Muslims but the Vatican is only accepting two families—one for each Vatican church. President Reagan established diplomatic ties with the Vatican, and he was persuaded to open the doors to Catholic immigrants on our southern border.

All of this fits the Bible description of Babylon, a word meaning confusion. In the 17th chapter of Revelation, Babylon is shown as a harlot involved with kings (governments), decked in gold and the color of cardinals, drunk with the blood of saints and a “mother of harlots” (unfaithful churches who accept her teachings) sitting on seven hills (Rome).

But it’s more than religion. Chapter 18 calls God’s people out of the false systems of society to avoid plagues. This includes government, education and health care that’s not based on the Bible. Health care with drugs is translated as “sorcery” in the 23rd verse–pharmakeia is the Greek word in the text. Prescription drugs for chronic problems generally do not address the cause and are known by many as a leading cause of illness and death, Journal of American Medical Assoc, 4-15-1998.

The bottom line? The pope is king of Babylon (confusion) and Vatican encouragement from the days of Reagan has been filling America with confused ideologies that will need UN “peace-keepers” that we wouldn’t need if we stopped the “overflow” from coming here.

Why should non-Muslim nations take Muslims when Saudi Arabia has 100,000 empty tents and other bordering nations could and should do so? Why is this White House so hellbent on proving we are not a Christian nation and now declaring December a “Muslim Appreciation Month”? Does he think we are crazy? Irreparable harm is done daily as he throws Christians and Israel under the bus. Call/email your congressman with a clear message of NO and ask why this insanity is continuing.

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