‘Earth Day,’ Chemtrails, EPA & Corporate Pollution, Big Pharma

On the surface, it seems like the government is trying to do a good thing but somehow, everything the government controls tends to get worse?

Healthcare is a great example. 50 years ago Dr. Lester Breslow, Dean of Public Health at UCLA found that people who didn’t smoke, had no more than one drink a day, not overweight, ate breakfast, exercised 30 minutes three times a week, slept 78 hours a night, drank 56 glasses of water and were basically happy lived an average of 11 years longer with a 30-year difference for the extremes compared with those who broke all 7 rules.

Contrast the government “healthcare” plan with 20,000 pages written mostly by the pharmaceutical industry with intent to enslave us with Rx drugs in spite of http://LeadingCauseOfDeathPrescriptionDrugs.com

Education is a similar story. The Bible puts on parents the responsibility to teach their children. But our government takes our children at an ever earlier age, strips them of their values and dumbs them down, offering an array of non-essentials with an increasing focus of “alternate lifestyles.”

The gov allows huge abuses of welfare so that many who could work do not do so, but prefer the free phones, EBT cards for groceries, medical care and rental assistance. About half the country lives off the other half.

Doing something for the environment would include efforts to avoid polluting it, especially by big companies that dump chemicals, but what about the chemtrails our gov sprays in the skies? We can plant a garden and eat plant foods in contrast to the cow which consumes 100 calories for every four calories it gives us. Health video: http://RichardRuhling.com

It’s amazing that the Bible describes governments as fierce beasts of prey in Daniel 7 where they represented Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia and Rome before the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ grew out of the 4th as the ‘little horn’ that became great, described in verse 25, centuries before Grecia and Rome came along!

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