Four Ways America Is Falling & What We Can Do to Help

1. California Schools Approve Teaching Students: ‘It’s Okay To Break The Law, Police Are Evil’

2. Obama Administration Knowingly Let MS-13 Gang Members Into Country

3. Islamic Call To Prayer Heard 5x Daily; ACLU Stood Against Church Bells; Christians arrested by Dearborn police for talking about their faith to Muslims

4. Dancing With the Devil In Saudi Arabia

*** What Can We Do to Help? These are the Days of Elijah! What are the “All Things” that Elijah is to Restore and How?

What Time Is It On God’s Calendar? Watch Jerusalem
I don’t agree with good things for Israel this “Jubilee” year for reasons shown here: See 1st couple pages, Why Jerusalem?:

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The Greatest Discoveries of a Lifetime as Seen by a Retired Physician

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