Reasons for Refusing Muslim Refugees

  1. God gave the Middle East to Abraham’s descendants, Genesis 15:18. This includes Arabs as descendants of Ishmael. It included land rich with oil.
  2. With thousands of empty air-conditioned tents, why won’t Saudi Arabia accept refugees or Qatar or Kuwait? Religion of peace? Let the pope and the UN solve their problem before they come here. 12,000 pages show [radical Islamic] agents living among us have a plan in place, and they are successfully carrying out that subversive plan.” we are stupid to ignore the evidence.
  3. Why open the door to millions of Muslims, some who want to kill us, offering them jobs and housing while veterans live on the street and eat from dumpsters? Christians are obligated “to the household of faith.”
  4. In Revelation 17, the king of Babylon is the pope. Babylon derives from Babel–a confusion of society’s systems. Creating a world crisis and then being the answer to it via the UN is part of the pope’s strategy for world dominion by calling for the mixing of Muslims with Europe and the US.

This is not a “Christian obligation” when it conflicts with Scripture. On a smaller scale, it’s like taking a Muslim into our home because he or she can’t get along with their spouse? It’s inviting trouble.

An ‘overflowing scourge’ in Revelation 9 shows them with faces like men (bearded) and hair like women (long).  Mohammed kept long hair; it’s Islamic, though we don’t see it in some pictures. We could suspect this picture as payback for this–

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