The Greatest Woman in History? Ellen White, Founded a Church, Scores of Schools, Health Institutions, Wrote 10 Outstanding Books

In addition to the above, Ellen White described 9-11 and an Impending Calamity!

God chose Israel, not because they were the greatest nation, but to show His power in making them great, and when Israel was obedient to God, they were great under David and Solomon, at the crossroads of the nations. But Israel forgot the source of their greatness was humble obedience to God’s great laws, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, a retired physician who offers a similar perspective for the church of his education.

Like Israel, God chose a weak woman whose injury in childhood ended her formal education at age 9. Yet when she died, she left behind 25 million written words —a total literary output of 100,000 printed pages.  In 2015 her most translated book, Steps to Christ, was available in more than 165 languages. 

On the basis of research in the Library of Congress, 10 of literature’s most translated authors … have been identified. Mrs. White is now the third most translated author in the entire history of literature She is the most translated woman writer ever, and the most translated American author of either gender.   

Her books are not fiction—they address all areas of life affecting health, happiness and destiny, Many were to edify the church and 10 of her books are posted online so anyone may access them here. Of the 10, this author has read nine and would consider them classics of high value and not promoting the name of any denomination.

They include Steps to Christ, as it gives a picture of God’s love for mankind and our need of Him, and how to find peace by surrendering our lives as Scripture shows.

As a retired physician, I believe the best book ever written is The Ministry of Healing, and I heard another physician say this also. It is subtitled Health & Happiness, an appropriate subtitle recognizing that health is a by-product of obedience to natural laws and happiness is a by-product of moral laws—laws of relationship that God has given. How to live a well-balanced life with purpose and assurance of a destiny beyond is the focus of the book that covers everything from Christ’s life as a healer and natural remedies to foods and eating habits that are unsurpassed by the myriad of diet books on the market today.

Dr. Clive McCay, Professor of Nutrition at Cornell University reviewed Ellen White’s writings on health and nutrition. He was surprised that she did not incorporate the fads and fallacies of her time and summarized a six-page review by saying, “In spite of the fact that the works of Mrs. White were written long before the advent of modern scientific nutrition, no better over-all guide is available today.”

Ruhling is saddened to see how the church copied Israel’s history in wanting to be like other nations. Adventism did this against Ellen White’s explicit directions. She encouraged the purchase of a property in Loma Linda, California that she said God had shown her, but when the day came, leaders had no money for the $5000 deposit until the mail arrived with a letter from Ellen White mailed a month earlier from New Jersey with a $5000 check for the deposit. It was to be her school to train gospel workers to go house to house, singing gospel songs, giving Bible readings and instructions on eating, along with natural remedies and treatments that she said God would bless in answer to prayer.

Today this sounds like weak medicine, but Ruhling’s father, an MD who taught at St. Louis University 65 years ago said 85% of his patients would get well no matter what he did; 10% he helped and 5% would die no matter what he did.

If we applied those figures to Ellen White’s plan for natural treatments and instructions on eating, 95% of people would be getting well and with no need to see a doctor for another prescription. Ellen White did not want pharmacology taught at Loma Linda, but leaders, eager for AMA approval, gave in to pressures to be recognized, and now prescription drugs are a leading cause of death due to adverse drug reactions.

White acknowledged drugs relieve symptoms, but “in most cases, the drug only changes the form and location of the disease.” Ministry of Healing, 126. We call it “healthcare” in spite of the fact that the drug does not address the true causes and that people with lots of MD “healthcare” prescriptions die sooner.

The Ministry of Healing also has seven excellent chapters on the Christian home and child-rearing. Her book Education was eulogized by Florence Stratemeyer, Professor of Education at Columbia University and a leading educator—“The breadth and depth of its philosophy amazed me. Its concepts of balanced education, harmonious development, and of thinking and acting on principle are advanced educational concepts.. the teaching of parental responsibility, and the emphasis on self-control in the child are ideals that the world desperately needs.

“Mrs. White did not necessarily use current terms. In fact, she did not use the word curriculum in her writing. But the book Education in certain parts treats of important curriculum principles. She was concerned with the whole learner—the harmonious development of mental, physical, and spiritual powers.

“Today many are stressing the development of the intellect. But feelings and emotional development are equally important. In our changing society, the ability to act on thought and in terms of principle is central. It is this harmonious development that is so greatly needed, yet so generally neglected today.”

It’s an excellent help in home-schooling and everyone familiar with what’s happening in US schools should be considering what the Bible says—“You shall teach them…” Deuteronomy 6:7. A current headline says, Schools Approve Teaching Students: ‘It’s Okay To Break The Law, Police Are Evil’

Just as Adventist leaders made a huge mistake by seeking AMA accreditation for their health work, they made the same mistake by seeking accreditation for their schools. Now when it’s clear that the world is ignorant of true education, Adventism has nothing to offer when it could have been “the head and not the tail” (Moses’ blessing if the Jews did Deuteronomy.) But Adventism has been copying the world for most of a century, adding Bible classes, much like a junk-food diet is made better with a vitamin pill, says Ruhling.

Ellen White’s book, The Desire of Ages, was for many years was at the top of the list given to the average person seeking a book on the life of Christ in our national Library of Congress. (They no longer recommend any.)

Some have tried to undercut Ellen White with accusations of plagiarism, but the statements by McCay and Stratemeyer above disprove it. At worst, she was an inspired borrower who knew what was true.

Attorney Vincent Ramik, a Roman Catholic, spent more than 300 hours researching Ellen White to say she was not a plagiarist and her work did not constitute copyright infringement.

Ellen White’s role went beyond writing to give counsel on the establishing of churches, schools, publishing houses and medical institutions around the world.

It was her godly counsels written in about 50 books that include Testimonies for the Church in nine volumes, that made a huge difference. Other 7th-day churches starting in the mid-1800’s like the Church of God (Seventh-day), for example in 2012 had ~ 200,000 members and 7th-day Baptists about half as many, but 7th-day Adventists have over 18 million members worldwide with churches, schools and hospitals exceeding every other Protestant Church.

Her vision of 9-11 was published in 1909 here. Her vision of an impending calamity is here. Ruhling believes it is when “Judgment must begin at the house of God” (1Peter 4:17) and will include Loma Linda for leaders’ hijacking the school that Ellen White wanted for teaching gospel workers the natural remedies; instead, we have a professional school that failed White’s purpose.

Another measurement of a person is not only what they wrote, but the obstacles they had to overcome.

  1. Ellen White had a 3rd grade education. This writer has 25 years of education, but I couldn’t write anything to match her clarity, balance and wisdom.
  2. Early in Adventist history, she said the church is in the Laodicean state, “Christ is not in her midst.” (He is outside knocking.)
  3. She faced opposition from church leaders that rejected the 1888 message of righteousness by faith, so she went to campmeetings with the proponents (two brilliant ministers) until church leaders wanted her to stop and asked her to go to Australia to start a school. She submitted, maybe like Joseph sold to Egypt, but out of Australia she also wrote some of her best books, returning in 1901 to appeal for a change in church organization. They voted it, but never instituted it.
  4. In 1903, they voted a hierarchical structure like the Catholic Church has. She responded from California, “How is faithful city become an harlot?” (citing Isaiah 1:21), Two years later she wrote that the church would be in apostasy “till the Lord comes.”
    To overcome those obstacles, to write with depth and clarity on many aspects of diet, health, education, as well as commentaries on the Bible, counsels for establishing churches, publishing houses, schools and medical institutions while being opposed by lukewarm leaders and still get her writings into print (even by an outside press) because “Satan is in charge of the Review & Herald”–all of this goes beyond the accomplishments of any women that I can think of. I nominate her for the greatest woman in history and greater than men with only a few exceptions like Moses, Daniel and Paul.


Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who was reared as a Seventh-day Adventist and taught at Loma Linda, but he sees truth for the end-times as broader than his church that made no protest of the pope’s visit to Congress. Our US Constitution calls for separation of church and state but the pope plans to be in charge of all earthly governments via the United Nations, as foretold in Revelation 17, Rome being the city of seven hills where the Mother Church, involved with the kings of the earth, sits. Ruhling sees his church infiltrated and becoming Catholic as Ellen White dreamed.

Ruhling is disappointed to see his church in the prophetic role of scorning the wedding invitation as seen in Matthew 22. The “remnant” have their city burned for disinterest (verses 6,7) and in Matt 25:5, we see the church represented as asleep with lights out. Readers can get more information at

See a short 2.7 minute video by an international missionary at


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  1. Fermin Mendis June 15, 2017 at 7:50 am

    Fermin Mendis wrote that Ellen White was all over the map on many issues. You can find plenty of error and unbiblical teaching in her writings, but if you wish to defend her you can also find some things that sound more moderate and orthodox. The bottom line is this though: if you claim the Lord said something or showed you something (I.e. If you presume to speak for God as EGW did) and that message is wrong, even once, then you are by definition a false prophet and not to be trusted or feared.

    EGW was wrong and in biblical error on multiple occasions so we can be sure that she didn’t speak for God, safely discard her as a reliable source, and rightly call her a false prophet.

    In His grace,
    Fermin Mendis.

    THE ABOVE AUTHOR CLAIMS ELLEN WHITE “was all over the map on many issues. You can find plenty of error and unbiblical teaching in her writings,” YET OFFERS NO SPECIFIC EXAMPLES. I COULD GIVE A FEW (NOT MANY) AS LIGHT AND TRUTH ARE PROGRESSIVE AS ELLEN WHITE SAID AND LATE IN LIFE WROTE, “WE HAVE MANY LESSONS TO LEARN, AND MANY, MANY TO UNLEARN.” Counsels to Writers, pg 37.
    As a physician, board-certified in Internal Medicine, I can see that Ellen White was ahead of medical science to this day, saying that “drugs change the form and location of the disease” (Ministry of Healing, pg 126) and now Adverse Drug Reactions are the leading cause of illness and death.
    From a Bible view, Ellen White is ALSO ahead of theologians today in her last book that she titled, “The Captivity & Restoration of Israel”–a title taken from Jer 30:3 which is the context for the New Covenant Promise in Jer 31:8,16,17,31. Totally overlooked by 99.999% of Christians today who think America is going through a bad time and they hope it will repent. It WON’T HAPPEN. Read Jer 30:11 in the context of verse 3 and consider also Daniel 2–the kingdoms of this world are beginning to break.



  2. Fermin Mendis July 21, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    Is EGW in line with the Bible when she says Christ moved from the Holy to Most Holy in 1844? Take for instance, the question in Daniel 8:

    ‘How long shall…the sanctuary…be trodden under foot?” (Daniel 8:13). The answer is 2300 days (evenings-mornings) – verse 14. This puts the Seventh-day Adventists in a dilemma, because they insist that the sanctuary being “cleansed” in verse 14 is the heavenly sanctuary.Think about this. Now the papacy (the power that will trample according to SDA’s) did not arrive until after 476 AD–nearly a millennium after the 2,300 years started! Who was trampling the sanctuary for 934 years before the rise of the papacy? Seventh-day Adventists claim that “Imperial Rome” trampled the earthly temple in 70 AD when it was destroyed by Roman armies, but that was the earthly, not the heavenly temple.

    The truth is that there has never in human history been a 2300-year period where the sanctuary in heaven (or on earth) was trodden under foot. This fact alone should raise questions about the SDA interpretation on Daniel as it does not fit historical facts, and the word of God.

    This is a red flag for any genuine Christian to dig deep in to Scriptures to see if they have not been following cunning devised fables.



    1. thebridegroomcomes August 15, 2017 at 6:27 pm

      Fermin, whatever sin we commit is recorded in heaven so that an abuse of God’s people to be cast down and trodden under foot as shown in Daniel 8:10,11 affects God and the record in heaven where Christ mediates for us. The Bible recognizes this as “the time of the dead that they should be judged” in Rev 11:18. We are coming to the “anger of the nations” when there will be life & death issues. I see the SDA Church as in apostasy, but problem is with leaders as the message to Laodicea (message is to the aggelos–messenger) suggests.



  3. […] Beyond church organization, there are half a  dozen ways that Adventism resembles the Catholic Church. Our medical work is an example and further explained in the following link re Ellen White; page down three times to see how leaders hijacked her school to teach pharmakeia (Greek word for sorcery in Rev 18:23)… […]



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