Answering a Muslim Who Wants $100 Million After Ordering Halal Pizza Twice

A Muslim man is suing Little Caesars Pizza for $100 million after he was given and accidentally ate a pizza containing pork pepperoni, despite ordering halal pepperoni.  Detroit News

What the Muslim man doesn’t know is that the Quran tells us to read the Scriptures.“ Do you command people to virtuous conduct, and forget yourselves, even though you read the Scripture? Do you not understand?” al-Baqarah, verse 44.

“Recall that We gave Moses the Scripture and the Criterion, so that you may be guided.” Verse 53. (click ‘Next’ after above link)

Since the Quran tells us to read the Scripture, we should note that pork is an abomination in Leviticus 11, but the Scriptures ALSO allow for sins of ignorance indicate provision for it, Leviticus 4:2. This is just two verses after a command not to eat the fat or blood of meat, but that’s what makes it so tasty!

We know that fat is a risk factor for heart disease, and blood from a diseased animal is a risk for cancer, but USDA inspectors watching ten carcasses a minute on a conveyor belt in Omaha assure us it’s ok! [eat at your own risk]

So let the poor Muslim man who was worried about his salvation (though we might wonder why he went back to order the same again) be at peace.

The laws by Moses were encouraged by Mohammed, and Moses suggested payment for any damages that must be shown. This was the basis of our habeas corpus laws that say, “Bring the body—show the damage.”

If no damage can be shown, the stress of mind should be put at ease by forgetting the million$ that greedy lawyers and clients seek; they are ruining US.

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