Israel: No Non-Jewish Marriages & How It Will End

“A rabbinic court, or Sanhedrin, has ruled that a Jew who believes in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah is no longer considered a Jew for purposes of marriage in Israel. This makes it impossible for two Messianic Jews to get married inside the country.”

Didn’t Moses say that the land would spew them out if they didn’t live by the law—the law that taught equality and freedom? Summarizing the law, the Messiah taught us to love God with all our hearts and our neighbor as ourselves.

So how many times should we expect a spewing out? Moses and Ezekiel might help us see that Israel was not free to return when the United Nations gave them land, or do we think God can’t count? He said if Israel walked contrary to Him (His law) that He would punish them seven times over in Leviticus 26.

But Israel walked contrary for 390 years, according to Ezekiel 4. Seven times 390 years suggests 2730 years of exile that began in 722 BC when the Assyrians took Israel captive and they were scattered among the nations. The math is easy. 2730 minus 722 = 2008, but with no year “0” it is 2009, when Israel could have returned, but for one thing.

Yeshua warned of an ‘abomination standing where it ought not’ in Mark 13. Early Christians understood that warning to be Rome and fled when Cestius came in 66 AD. Their fleeing spared them the siege by Titus in 70 AD. But Rome came to Jerusalem in 2009, when Pope Benedict was “standing where he ought not” and the sign to flee would over-ride Jewish freedom to return after their long exile.

The United Nations is the beast system that the pope will ride in Revelation 17. Israel’s return (Aliyah) was premature and they are destined to trouble soon as Zechariah 14 shows—

“I will gather all nations (United Nations? Arab nations?) against Jerusalem to battle. The house shall be rifled and the women ravished. Half the city shall go into captivity. Then the Lord will go forth to fight against those nations.”

God will use the goat in Daniel 8 to break the horn of militant Islam that hates Israel. Daniel 9 is connected by the 70 weeks that are cut off (chawthak, verse 24) from the previous 2300 days of Daniel 8. A decree to rebuild Jerusalem will start the clock on 69 weeks till an anointing. Not Yeshua who came 69 weeks of years after Artaxerxes’ decree in 457 BC. The Jews failed to see Him as the anointed Messiah in spite of correct timing. This time it’s 69 literal weeks for our anointing in Ezekiel 36:24-28.

Levitcus 25 shows there are weeks of years as well as weeks of days, but the jubilee year (50th) was also the first year of the following ‘week,’ so they came 49 years apart and the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 (490 years) spanned 10 jubilees that began with a jubilee event when Israel was given their land freedom to return. The 50-year interval for jubilee is the pope’s system; it’s not biblical. The Balfour Treaty in 1917; the Six-Day War in 1967 do not give assurance of God’s intervention for Israel in 2017 as many Jews believe.

Christ (Yeshua) proclaimed the jubilee, the ‘acceptable year’ when he cited Isaiah 61 in Luke 4, but they threw him out. We aren’t responsible for their mistake, but those who don’t get it right this time with more light will suffer greater loss and pain. The ‘Great Sign’ of September 23 on YouTube suggests spring, 2018 as when to watch.

The anointing of Daniel 9 is for those who have faith in Scripture to return after the decree to rebuild and it should include Christians who accept the torah (10 tribes of Israel scattered among the nations). The apostle Paul said, “If you are Christ’s, you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise,” Galatians 3:29; Genesis 15. Jews (Judah) who accept Yeshua as Messiah will also be included when the two sticks in Ezekiel 37 become a kingdom.

This will be after a great earthquake initiates “the day of the Lord,” seen as a shaking and dry bones come together and the two sticks become one in Ezekiel 37. The ‘dry bones’ that get life are Christians who accept torah and Jews who accept Messiah—they are fully compatible. Awesome times!

Dr Richard Ruhling is author of God Bless America? His Rescue Plan & How We Can Be Ruler Over All That He Has available at no charge Friday, September 8 at  Ruhling’s focus is current events and Bible prophecy. Readers that don’t have Kindle, can download a pc app (no charge) that lets them read Kindle books.

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