What Did All Those Blood Moons, Eclipses, ‘Great Sign’ & Holy Days Mean?

To a casual observer, media accounts of various ‘signs’ that some Christians proclaim as the ‘end of days’ may seem a bit bizarre. Here we are, and nothing has happened. I can hear the scoffers saying, ‘Will they ever learn?’

On the other hand, the Bible is the all-time best-seller and millions find it a credible guide for life, so what did Christ mean by ‘signs in the heavens’?

For one thing, most signs we see on the road are positioned before we get to the curve or café, so that we can think about it and make some adjustment. Furthermore, signs might be best considered as a whole, not just a single sign.

For example, we saw a ‘rare’ eclipse on the equinox in 2015, followed by a blood moon on Passover. “The sun shall be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the day of the Lord,” Joel 2:31. The Hebrew word for ‘before’ is paniym, and it means face or facing.

Then came the Iran Nuclear Treaty that’s like ‘Peace and safety’ that Paul said was a sign of sudden destruction. 1Thess 5:2,3.

The Supreme Court approved what the Bible calls an abomination (Lev 18) and Christ warned that end-times would be “as the days of Lot” in Sodom, Luke 17:28,29. All of these in 2015.

Then came “the Great Sign” of Revelation 12 in the sky on September 23. The sign, according to astronomers, was a complex convergence of aligning planets and constellations that unfold over 9 months that fits Revelation 12:1,2. Starting September 23, 2017, the sun was in Virgo, the virgin, and the moon was at her feet. She had a crown of nine stars and three planets in alignment making 12. Jupiter, symbol of deity, was in the belly or womb area, exiting at her feet. A 90-sec YouTube video asks us what it means.

Christians might think the child that is birthed and caught up to heaven in Revelation 12 was Christ, but as a sign of Christ’s birth, it’s 2000 years late. Since God is on time and He’s the Author of the Bible as well as nature, the Bible explains what nature doesn’t.

God called Israel His “first-born” (Exodus 4:22) and ‘first-born” implies another event, maybe like Egypt. God executed judgment on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant, later saying, I am married to you, Jer 3:14. That’s the overlooked meaning of the wedding parables, implied by the imagery of women asleep with lights out when “the Bridegroom comes” as He came to Egypt. Matt 25:5,6.

This is supported by Paul who included the Exodus in “all those things happened to them for tupos, types…ends of the world.” 1Cor 10:1,11

America has parallels to Egypt as the greatest nation then and now.

  1. They killed babies; the US has aborted 60 million.
  2. Egypt was a source of food in times of famine as America is.
  3. Israel went to Egypt in a famine. Pioneers risked life in the New World when the Bible, the Bread of Life, was banned by the papacy in medieval times.
  4. Egypt enslaved Israel; the US has enslaved most of its people with alcohol, tobacco, drugs. Prescription drugs are a leading cause of death and we call it healthcare! We see the bondage to food, gambling, greed, crime, sex, perversion, ‘music’, TV, violence, etc.

God will execute judgment on the US as He did on Egypt and He won’t need to apologize to Sodom as Billy Graham wondered. Readiness for calamity in each wedding parable is the key to high destiny—all the wedding parables have Passover imagery, but they offer a complex picture that’s beyond our focus here.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “I will study and get ready, and someday my chance will come.” Let’s do it!

Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of a new book, God Bless America?  It explains the “Great Sign” imagery of a pregnancy on September 23 points to next spring and how we can have readiness in Luke’s wedding parable that is rewarded with “ruler over all that He has,” Luke 12:35-48. More at WND.com bookstore (link)


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