1947 UN Gift of Israel to Jews Disqualified by Bible

Israel was to keep all God’s statutes and judgments that the land “spue you not out.” Lev 20:22. Moses quoted God as saying that He would punish Israel seven times over if they walked contrary to Him, Lev 26:18-28.

Later the time period of 390 years is cited in Ezekiel 4:5,6. The math, 7 x 390 = 2730 years is easy and the Assyrian conquest of Israel (10 tribes that were scattered among the nations) is given as 722 BC.

Subtracting 722 from 2730 = 2008, but with no year “0,” it’s 2009 when we might expect Israel’s freedom to return to their land, except in that year, Pope Benedict went to Jerusalem as a contradictory sign.

It fulfilled a warning by Y’shua whose followers understood his warning to flee in reference to Rome and they fled Jerusalem when Cestius came in 66 AD, sparing them the siege when Titus returned in 70 AD.

The Jews could have been spared if they had heeded the warning. The question now is, with Pres. Trump okaying Jerusalem as capital and mounting hostilities of the United Nations, pope, Muslims and Palestinians, Will the Jews recognize they made a mistake in an early return (aliyah) before their exile was biblically ended, or does following Moses matter?

It seems to some that Moses does not matter and they may see calamity this spring, Passover being the Jewish time of Judgment, as in Egypt and 70 AD when Titus came.

This is not wild speculation. The prophet Zechariah foresaw “the day of the Lord [end-time period]…all nations will be gathered against Jerusalem to battle. The houses rifled; the women ravished…half the city will go into captivity. Then the Lord will go forth to fight against them.” Zech 14:1-3.

This is also supported by the prophet Daniel who describes a conflict between a [Muslim] ram and a goat [Global Organization Against Terrorism?]

Historians say the vision was fulfilled by Alexander the Great against the Medes and Persians, cited in Daniel 8:20,21. But Gabriel told Daniel that his vision is “at the time of the end,” verse 17.

This vision is linked to Daniel 9:24,25 by the Hebrew word, chawthak, which means cut off. The 70 weeks of Daniel 9 were cut off from the previous time period of 2300 days, (Dan 8:14). A day represents a year in Bible prophecy, Ezekiel 4:5,6 cited above.

With this end-time application in mind, the decree to restore and build Jerusalem has new meaning as it must apply after Iran and allies destroy Jerusalem as Zechariah 14 says.

Jerusalem’s destruction would anger the goat in Daniel 8 to stomp the ram (Iran being the most militant aspect of Islam) https://islamusinprophecy.wordpress.com/

It’s a complex picture that explains what we may see soon and it offers good reason why the Bible is still a best-seller.

More information may be appreciated: http://IslamUSinProphecy.wordpress.com

Richard Ruhling is author of The Destruction of Jerusalem: a Sign for US of Good News Amid Impending Calamity, available on Amazon and a free copy Saturday, January 6 at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06X3W68DX and here is a short video about it–

Dr. Ruhling may also be contacted for interviews at Ruhling7@juno.com

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