Why the Bad Weather—This Theory May Be As Good As Any

The cover story of Popular Science, Sept 1995 reported a little known Pentagon project, stating that bad weather is coming. If you can control your enemy by weather, that’s good, but are we the enemy?

The National Weather Service tweeted that snow, ice, strong winds, and flooding will plague the East Coast from Florida to New England with record-breaking cold and the worst weather in history (again!) USA Today, 1-3-18.

With billions of dollars lost to bad weather and millions of people suffering serious effects, isn’t it time to hold the Pentagon accountable for their ‘little-known’ project in Alaska?

HAARP stands for High Altitude Aurora Research Project and its 40 acres of antennae that beam high energy into the ionosphere deserves a look. The energy is reflected into the ocean creating El Nino by warming the sea and creating hurricanes blamed on global warming, said Popular Science, Sept, 1995.


To combat the global warming, chemtrails are needed with jets dumping aluminum to shield US from the sun (global warming). How wonderful, except that they overdosed the skies. Isn’t is time to stop experimenting with nature? The last verses of Revelation 11 imply destruction on them that destroy the earth…our government?

Or is our government out of control which is why so much negative about President Trump who said he would drain swamp, and we see mounting evidence of a “Deep State” entrenched in beauracracy and Pentagon.

How did Donald Rumsfeld manage to pick late September 10 to announce a missing $2.3 TRILLION from the Pentagon and the next morning a plane that some say was a missile hits the Pentagon, specifically the accounting deparment so no investigation could be made…let’s just forget it?

Congress seemed delighted to have the pope give his insight on how closing businesses on Sunday will save greenhouse gases (and we can all benefit from the blessing of the eucharist). Laudato Si’ par 237.

The prophet Amos (last verse of chapter 3), said God would afflict the summer house (New England) with the winter house (Florida). Chapters 1 & 2 were about Israel’s transgressions, but the US is worse than Egypt that God afflicted with judgment to gave Israel the ‘Promised Land.’ Egypt killed babies, but the US has aborted 60 million, and now the ‘Supreme Court’ has redefined marriage.

Solomon said “Righteousness exalts a nation,” Proverbs 14:34. Trouble has been coming for a long time if we connect the dots. From the days of Lincoln there have been strong forces seeking to divide and destroy what America was.

In Lincoln’s time, slavery was an issue and Chief Justice Roger Tany said, “The black man has no rights which the white man is bound to respect.” (Google)

What do ALL of the above have in common? Tany, Rumsfeld, the CIA, most of the Supreme Court ‘Justices’ are Roman Catholic and Congress is mostly catholic (little “c”–universal, go along and get along, not standing for principle, a mockery to the laws that originally exalted the US. Moses is the central figure over the Supreme Court entrance but that court could care less now.

If we want the pope’s wisdom on the economy, we should look no further than Latin America where this writer spent a summer in 1960 and found poverty and illiteracy. They all want to come to America “someday” and since Reagan survived what Kennedy didn’t, Reagan decided to open the border, and America is different now.

A friend asked a Catholic couple why they were moving to Montana. They replied, “Because the priest told us to.” This information is not a condemnation of most Catholics whose church teaches the catechism instead of the Bible. The Bible says, “the times of this ignorance God winked at, but now commands all men to repent” citing a time of judgment (Acts 17:30,31) that is impending on the US.

The last warning in the Bible is that Babylon (systems of government, healthcare, education, welfare and religion) are fallen and to avoid the plagues, we should come out of those systems. Revelation 18.

If one understands that a woman in prophecy represents a church, the harlot in Revelation 17 has half a dozen clues that can only fit the papacy, involves with kings, wealthy, dressed in scarlet, a mother church, and drunken with the blood of martyrs, sitting on 7 hills (Rome). Is the Bible meaningful?

Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of a new book, God Bless America? It has mostly 4-5 star reviews at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075896HPD A video gives a quick overview at https://youtu.be/vmMb9h7VZMQ His website is http://TheBridegroomComes.com and he’s available for interviews if contacted by email at Ruhling7@juno.com

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