Pain Is a Gift from God; Opioids are Sorcery, says MD

I was a pedestrian when I was hit by a car and had a fracture fibula (side bone, lower leg) and my leg turned purple from bleeding that was stopped by the compression when the leg swelled to twice its size and it throbbed at night from phlebitis–an inflammation of a vein that was traumatized.

Having seen my father, (also an MD) addicted to medication, I opted to do alternate hot and cold soaks of the leg, but not to take pain medication. I discovered my body adapted to what I could or couldn’t do and the pain dropped out of the picture in a few days as his leg healed.

The lesson from that experience was that pain is good. Too many people take drugs for pain and then do things they shouldn’t do because their body needs more time to heal before using the injured part. Cases of low back pain are especially troublesome.

Having relieved another MD for a week in a pain clinic, I saw that nearly all were addicted to hydrocodone (an opioid) or Xanax (a benzodiazepine like Vaium, also addictive) due to medical care yielding to drug company pressure to prescribe their product when other medicine is not so habit-forming and people should accept some pain during their healing time. Pain is a wise provision by the Creator to prevent us from doing things that would harm us, like getting too close to fire, etc.

Alcohol is a gateway drug. It’s the oldest drug in existence, and it can double one’s risk of opioid addiction; marijuana can triple te risk–and now our country is legalizing those things that increase drug addiction.

The opioid crisis is created by drug companies, doctors accepting their gifts and by some patients that say that the drug they want is the only one that works for them.

Opioids are ‘sorcery’–that’s the translation of the Greek word, pharmakeia in Revelation 18:23 which says that all nations are deceived by [pharmakeia]. It’s also true that every nation practicing western medicine is on the brink of bankruptcy with an estimated $3.7 trillion spent on ‘healthcare’ last year.

And it’s not healthcare–it’s disease care. Doctors are trained in caring for disease.There’s an inverse relationship between medical care and health. The more we have of medical care, the worse one’s health becomes because every drug has numerous adverse reactions that sooner or later cause trouble as the body becomes toxic to it.

Real healthcare has huge advantages as seen in the study by Dr. Lester Breslow of UCLA showing 7 simple health habits were good for 30 extra years compared to people who broke all the rules. The big three were smoking, drinking and obesity.

Breslow’s golden rules of health are remembered by the acronym, NEW START–Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God and Nature. Temperance may be defined as abstinence from harmful substances and moderation in those things that are beneficial.

The study initiated in the 1960’s did not consider cholesterol. That means larger advantages could be expected from a low cholesterol, plant-based diet. Searching YouTube for plant-based diet yields excellent information by physicians on the cutting edge of preventive healthcare.

Readers might search YouTube for their condition and include the phrase plant-based diet. For example, “diabetes, plant-based diet” or “cancer, plant=based diet.”

Those physicians aren’t quacks and they come closer to Hippocrates’ “Nature cures” view than “Better living through chemistry” (DuPont’s motto that doesn’t fit people with a bag of pills, and being board-certified in Internal Medicine, I’m qualified to say so, even without having taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.

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