13-yr old Broadway Star, ​​​​​​​Laurel Griggs’ Death Due to Asthma, Raises Questions

Most allergy testing for asthma focuses on inhaled allergens like pollen, mold, pet dander and dust, but he notes an overlap with foods that can cause attacks. Common food allergens can trigger an attack include animal products–especially dairy and eggs that can stimulate mucus production and plug the bronchiole tubes.

That’s nothing new–it’s been known for half a century since Henry Bieler, MD wrote a classic title, “Food Is Your Best Medicine,” and for him, eggs triggered his asthma. (Amazon)

Recent increases in childhood diseases are alarming and should raise the question, “Are GMOs contributing to the rise in chronic health conditions in our children?” https://www.gmoscience.org/777-2/

That website offers information that may concern us, considering the prevalence of allergies to corn syrup and starch, soy, tomatoes and sugar are genetically modified.

In the hospital, they give intravenous fluids, but asthmatics can drink water or diluted fruit juice to help liquefy bronchial mucus. A couple charcoal capsules may adsorb allergy factors and an ice bag over the breastbone may reflexively dilate the bronchial tubes to ease symptoms while going to an overloaded emergency room,

The leading causes of death in the US are reversible, based on choices of what we put in our mouths.

For further information, visitors to his website may get a pdf for no charge–Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor! at http://richardruhling.com/home.aspx  He recommends an “Eating” dvd that shows how to reverse most diseases, endorsed by Joel Fuhrman, MD, author of “Eat to Live,” and Neal Barnard, MD, author of the Program for Reversing Diabetes–Option 4 on the Donate page

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