Pharma, FDA, CDC Lying on Drug Safety; Medical Journals Say #1 Cause of Death But Not in CDC Top 10

Norma Methvin was a chiropractor’s daughter. She did not believe in drugs, but when a bladder infection hung on, she asked her doctor and he prescribed a common urinary antibiotic that helped her body to overcome the infection in two or three days. She stopped the drug, but some months later, she developed blood spots in her skin. She saw her doctor again and he referred her to a hematologist—her platelets that help blood to clot were 1/10 of the normal count.

The hematologist admitted her to the hospital and he did a bone marrow, splenectomy and prescribed high steroids, gamma globulin and transfusions but nothing worked. Norma died of a stroke. Her hematologist signed the death certificate as an unknown cause of her death, but the Physician’s Desk Reference shows her antibiotic (Cipro) can cause platelet disorders and it was the only drug she took. Drug reactions and deaths are usually not reported so the statistics are misleading—totally so for the CDC.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr says that pharma has captured the CDC. Four drug companies make all of the 72 vaccines mandated for children. “The CDC approves vaccines, buys them from their manufacturer friends, and then forces 78-million people to use them even though they have never been tested for safety. In addition to making $60-billion per year selling vaccines, the companies make an additional $500-billion selling medications for diseases the vaccines cause.” (Need to Know News) Mayer Eisenstein, MD in a large pediatric practice says, “No vaccines, no autism.” (YouTube)

“That’s the tip of the iceberg. Millions are killed yearly by prescription drugs,” says Richard Ruhling, MD, who is board-certified in Internal Medicine and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. The center column of cites medical literature obscured by CDC and media reports.

YouTube offers helpful videos by physicians: Drs. Barnard, Colin Campbell, Esselstyn, Fuhrman, Greger, or vegan. Farmers don’t pay for ads for produce which is healthy and when eaten wisely, can reverse most diseases.

Drug companies pay for ads for their drugs that relieve symptoms but in time will become toxic to cause other problems that may be more serious and the cause may not be recognized (like Norma’s platelet death). The underlying cause of most disease is what people eat, drink or smoke—they have diseases of choice. The media is sold out, not to truth, but to the highest bidder—pharma and it has no corporate conscience except for greed.

He says, “The media often paint Bible-believers as ignorant for opposing what scientists say on origins and evolution. Media prefer to believe what someone says happened millions of years ago, but won’t trust eye witnesses who were willing to die for what they saw 2000 years ago.”

2000 years ago, the Greek text in Revelation 18 said to come out of the confused systems of society “for by her sorceries [bad translation; the Greek word is pharmakeia] were all nations deceived” Verse 23. A close look suggests a good reason why the Bible is an all-time best-seller and also why news is the views of its sponsors.

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