How an MD Beats the Flu Without a Shot

I had a recent appointment cancelled because the caller had a flu shot the day before. The fellow who called today said he knew better, but let the doctor talk him into it. Ugh! Knowing a nurse who lost a week of work after a flu shot, I wonder how many millions have this experience.

So far this flu season, 105 children have died, and this article says “a higher proportion of children and young adults [are] affected than the older population.”

How did the CDC get 10,000 deaths for this news–

The reason for CDC hyped need for vaccines is vested interest—the billions they are making as reported by whistle-blower Robert F Kennedy Jr:

Further concern is seen by some physicians such as Mayer Eisenstein, MD, in a large pediatric group. With a national average of one autism per 50 children, his medical group has 35,000 patients with NO vaccines and NO autism– Mennonite or Quaker children would be another example.

Hello, I’m Dr. Richard Ruhling—MD, MPH–a degree in public health. It means I have credentials to suggest that the above paragraph ought to be looked at. With four adopted children and two of our own, we health with no vaccinations, shots or prescriptions except for penicillin on one occasion, and they are grew up healthy.

So what can the average person or parent do to protect against the flu?

#1. Note that it comes each winter in connection with the holidays when so many have gorged themselves on rich foods. That’s a parable about our white blood cells that also gorge themselves on sugar so that the phagocytic index is markedly decreased in their ability engulf ‘germs’.

#2. Antibiotics are not effective against viruses. Prevention is better than cure. Eat less sweets, dress with arms, legs and feet well-protected from cold, but get active, fresh-air exercise, and adequate sleep. If one senses the onset of a bug, skip supper, take extra vitamin C and soak in a hot tub, finishing with a brief cold shower which can double one’s white blood count and stimulate the immunity. Avoid close contact with others.

#3. With flu, people who smoke often have no craving, so why not use it to kick the habit. Don’t use any caffeinated beverages or alcohol, as these create a craving to smoke. Do fresh air walks when the urge comes and eat light meals to increase mental clarity against the ‘need’ to smoke which takes 3-4 days to peak and leave you without cravings (if you don’t use caffeine or alcohol.

#4. In the 1918 flu epidemic, very few deaths occurred in those who had alternate hot and cold compresses to the chest as a way of stimulating immunity. But similar results may come from contrast hot and cold showers, along with spare diet with citrus and vitamin C, etc.

Richard Ruhling is a retired physician. His book, Health, Happiness & Destiny offers further help for a variety of health topics and is available on Amazon at

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