Bill Gates & CDC Lies Lead to US Lockdown; Five Facts of Freedom by Experts

#1. The coronavirus was first diagnosed in 1939 and causes the upper respiratory flu in about 1/3 of cases, according to Benjamin Lau, MD, PhD, Prof. of Microbiology at Loma Linda Univ, stating it is mild in 80% of cases.

#2. “99% of those who died from virus had other illness” Bloomberg News People who take drugs (diabetes, heart disease, or elderly die).

#3. Vaccinations for the flu are not the answer. It takes many months to develop and by then the virus has mutated and moved on. Vaccines are 10-60% effective in a good year. This is not a good year, says Anthony Fauci, NIH Director of Infectious Diseases, cited in the New England Journal of Medicine, March 26, 2020.

#4. “Viruses are ‘obligate intracellular organisms’ which means they get inside the cells of the body and are not subject to drugs in our blood stream, that also are toxic to the body. The key is to enhance the body’s immune system by avoidance of sugar. Flu comes after holiday sweets. Vitamin C, elderberry, echinacea, garlic, flax seed whizzed in smoothie are immunity boosters according to Drs. Ben Lau (LLU), Marc Micozzi (NIH)” says Richard Ruhling (MD, MPH), adding

#5. The Swine Flu of 1918 killed 50 million, but less than 1% of patients died in the Battle Creek Sanitarium where people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, JC Penny wanted natural remedies at a time when MD’s used mercury, arsenic and strychnine before science modified the poisons.

“Drug action always represents artificial interference with the natural functioning of the organism …Every drug is by definition a poison. Pharmacology and toxicology are one, and the art of medicine is to use these poisons beneficially.” Chap 5, Mechanisms of Drug Action, G Alexander Drills Textbook of Pharmacology in Medicine.

“The body is designed for self-healing. Cuts, burns and broken bones heal. The best physicians are showing on YouTube how to reverse disease without drugs by a vegan diet” says Dr Ruhling

He adds, “The first comprehensive health code was written by Moses. When Bubonic Plague ravaged Europe, entire villages were saved by discovering quarantine in Leviticus 13 so the sick person was set apart, but Gates wants everyone quarantined and vaccinated and a $2 Trillion bill for Congress. Googling Gates, population reduction, vaccination gets 19.5 million results!”

Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH, board-certified in Internal Medicine, taught Health Science at Loma Linda University and offers more information at where video by Dr. Lorraine Day, breast cancer survivor exposes much truth. Click gear icon to 1.5 speed.

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