Five Reasons to End the Lockdown!

#1. Dr. Pamela Popper, teacher and consultant in the field of nutrition-based medicine, reviews the COVID-19 death statistics and shows they are deliberately falsified to make the numbers larger than they really are. When she talks about the unbearable price attached to this lie, she is not talking about the economic price of a crushed economy but the psychological and spiritual price that burdens the vulnerable and the helpless. Some are driven to such despair as even to take their own lives. She concludes that it’s time for the American people to stand tall and just say no to lockdown, vaccines, and those trying to control the masses.

#2. Serious loss is coming to this country to those who have preferred [mistaken] government guidelines over the biblical principle to work six days and rest the seventh day. (4th Commandment in Exodus 20:8-11)

#3. The CDC has admitted the fatality of 0.26% is 13 times less than predicted.

These are in people who had pre-existing conditions like heart, lung disease or diabetes. It seems that those people who take Rx drugs are more vulnerable to the virus than those who don’t.

More than 600 doctors signed a letter to President Trump calling for him to end lockdowns across the US that are crushing the nation’s economy. The doctors say the loss of livelihoods are causing poverty, loss of homes, despair, alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicides. It is the view of these doctors that these effects are more deadly than the virus. And for every doctor who signed, there are probably hundreds who would agree but weren’t surveyed—like me.

#4. Because their hype and control was so wrong, why should we want to stay locked down to get a vaccine before returning to work? If we knew what was in it, we should refuse. See this short video before it’s taken down:

#5. The Gates’ agenda of depopulation and ID2020 where the vax can give you a number that can be scanned for bank info and other personals is a breach of privacy that every citizen should be alarmed about.

Let this go viral—let everyone go in lockstep back to work Monday, June 1—it’s our Constitutional right, a biblical command, a social responsibility and a cowardly yielding to negative forces if we don’t.

Please share this with everyone you know! We don’t have to hug everyone, but work is part of success in life. And if you get the bug, there’s help for what to do at

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