Saturday, Sept 19, a Biblical Time of Warning!

Saturday, Sept 19, a Biblical Time of Warning!
The apostle Paul said not to let anyone judge you for keeping the biblical holy days, for they “are a shadow of things to come.” Col 2:16. Christians understand that Christ died as the Passover lamb at Passover. In like manner, prophetic events will occur at those times in the end-times that some believers think are coming, says Richard Ruhling, author of The Fall of America, suggesting possible significance for Sept 19.
Ruhling says the Christian world is in darkness on what Paul said since the papal claim to abolish the Jewish festivals and change the calendar as foretold in Daniel 7:25, speaking of a horn that grew out of the Roman Empire (4th beast in Daniel 7)
Protestant reformers saw that horn as the papacy and there is no denying that the Gregorian Calendar has new months with no relationship to new moons.
For those who want a more biblical calendar, they may watch for the new moon crescent on Friday, Sept 18, about 15-20 minutes after sunset in the western sky.
That’s what Moses was looking at when God told him it was the beginning of the month in Exodus 12:2 where the word chodesh, (crescent) is in the verse three times.
The new moon of the 7th month (counting from spring) heralds the Day of Atonement, a type of Judgment day, Lev 23:24,28. Because biblical end-times are approaching, some serious event on the new moon day, Sept 19 may get our attention.
Ruhling says the US Senate met on the new moon in 2008 to approve $760 billion to bail out banksters, and the stock market crashed till the Day of Atonement 10 days later. The pope was in the US Congress on the Day of Atonement in 2015.
These are examples of significant events that correspond to the biblical calendar. Readers may get more information on The Fall of America at Ruhling’s website,
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