Med Journal: Diet Is Better Than Shot; Testimony by Dr. Tenpenny– Ingredients In mRNA Shot “Not For Human Use”

Healthcare is inversely related to medical care

[Prescott AZ, 6-19-21] In a study of healthcare workers with high exposure to Covid-19 patients, 568 cases of Covid were 73% less likely to be moderate or severe if following a plant-based diet, reported in the British Medical Journal, May 18, 2021.

It’s time to think philosophically, says Richard Ruhling, a retired MD, who is in excellent health at 80, adding his high exposure to many viruses in emergency rooms, but he attributes his immunity to the dietary instructions in a best-selling book that he calls “the Owner’s Manual”—the Bible!

Readers may laugh, but there is nothing more central to life than health, and in the Bible’s 1st chapter, Genesis 1:29, the One to whom we owe our lives, outlines the best foods to eat.

People should be warned of the ingredients in the shot touted by the CDC, (not a federal agency and they make money from vaccines they recommend, holding 58 patents. The best physicians are admitting the shot is not a true vaccine, but US media like news that fits with pharma ads that he contrasts with the testimony of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, probably the #1 authority on vaccines, to a hearing, state of Ohio– This is huge, 10 minutes or an education if you listen longer…

This interview with Dr. Jane Ruby, authority in pharmacy, is insightful–

“The rationale for polyethylene glycol (PEG) is mentioned in the above video but that’s anti-freeze, needed for vaccine -70 degree below zero. Some folks have anaphylactic reactions.”

The big news is that both Pfizer and Moderna ingredients use a mix of chemicals to enhance the mRNA uptake  by cells, but animal studies gave poor results and the German company that provides their mix has labeled it as Not for Use in Humans, according to Dr. Ruby’s news interview (above).

USA Today claims people hospitalized with COVID-19 now have one thing in common—they’re not vaccinated, but that’s easy to explain. Those who are vaccinated come with a stroke or bizarre conditions the media says is ‘rare’ like DIC—Disseminated Intravascular Coagulopathy, a rare condition when he took board exams 50 years ago, but understood now from Dr. Tenpenny.
 VAERS is a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System that shows 4400 deaths after being vaccinated, but the Western Journal of Medicine shows 140 people adversely affected for every death, published before Covid but the principles still apply–
 This supports a likelihood of 616,000 people adversely affected, some admitted to the hospital (a dangerous place due to medical errors) and some to long term nursing homes—messed up for life?

The information in the above link may be hard to understand completely, but it’s possible and much of it fits what we see happening. Life is like the day dawning gradually on us, and we can be lied to by media and “authorities” who may have other motives, like investments in pharma.

The use of animal tissues in the ingredients of the vaccine is an echo of an amalgamation of our species when man united with beast in sexual union that brought God’s judgment in the Flood according to some Bible commentaries, and Christ said the time before His return would be “as the days of Noah,” reminiscent of Revelation 11:18—“He will destroy them that destroy the earth” (maybe chemtrails, 5G?)

All references to ‘physicians’ in the Bible have negative context. Examples include Genesis 50:2 where physicians also did the embalming (on their patients?) and Christ’s healing of the woman who spent all her money on physicians but was no better. A Greek word, pharmakeia, that deceives the nations should’ve been translated to a word like pharmacy in Rev 18:23.

We are being deceived by symptomatic relief, but the cure does not address the cause usually, and sooner or later, we’re toxic with two or three problems instead of one. This view is for chronic Rx; if accident or severe symptoms, we have to do the best we know, which often includes medical tests, etc.

“In a parallel to our time, John 5 offers a picture of the pool of Bethesda where a crowd of sick, crippled or impotent people laid around, waiting for a mythical moving of the water to signal promise of a cure for the first one into the pool, and many got trampled in an occasional stampede.

“But we have a pool in Bethesda today. Bethesda Maryland is the home of National Institutes of Health where taxes are pooled for drug research and from time to time, there’s a ripple on the water and news of a cure for this or that with a stampede and some get trampled in the stock market when it’s no cure.”

What can be done to cope with a worsening of symptoms after the shot? “Pine needle tea is thought by some to be helpful, and some physicians mention nutrients in berries like  elderberries, blue berries, etc. A diet of foods that grow from the ground is a better way to help the body’s chemistry than concoctions made in a lab that all have adverse side effects that cost big bucks, but the body’s DNA recognizes things of nature as food in contrast to chemicals.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is available for speaking engagements and media interviews and can be reached by contact information below. His latest book, From Lockdown to Knockdown, the Fall of America, has a large section on health and is available on Amazon at  

About Dr. Richard Ruhling:

Dr. Ruhling graduated from Loma Linda University medical school and planning for overseas work, took a Master’s Degree in Public Health. After Internal Medicine training and board certification, he also had a Cardiology Fellowship before teaching at Loma Linda’s School of Public Health. Attending a cardiology convention, he heard Pritikin reporting how a vegan-like diet reversed heart disease and got 85% of patients off their drugs for diabetes and blood pressure.


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