Father’s Day, Freedom Day, Independence Day—Celebrating Three Holidays in Two Weeks to Boost Morale As They Vanish?

Father’s Day: It’s a nice idea to honor Fathers, especially with half of homes breaking in divorce and maybe half of what’s left not there for other reasons—climbing corporate ladder or double jobs to make ends meet. ‘Father’ implies a duty to a child. The Bible says, ‘You shall teach them,’ Deut 6:7  

In Bible times, men taught their sons a trade and women taught their daughters to cook and sew. Probably the whole family was involved in planting and caring for a garden for fruits or vegetables. Every family has a home with sufficient ground for tilling that provides the means and incentive for an industrious and self-supporting life that all the food stamps in the world can’t match for value.

Freedom Day: Also called Juneteenth Day, it celebrates freedom since Lincoln’s Emancipation Pro-clamation in 1863. But racial strife is not dead. Those not seeing that Christ died for all and are of equal worth in His site tend to think less of others who may not have had the same opportunities that we have had and God may hold us more accountable? “To whom much is given…much is required.”

And is freedom vanishing? Yes, numerous freedoms are going or gone as government revokes them and seeks to control the masses by food stamps, rental assistance, medical care, education and ability to assemble, speak or travel—all of these are being compromised as people are being coerced to comply with untested and unproven measures that some say are helpful but with no animal studies to support it and early signs seem to be a huge warning to ‘wait and see’ lest we be ignorant guinea pigs.

Vanishing also because the Bible says “the day of the Lord” comes in the context of four generations and Lincoln’s ‘Freedom Day’ is two years shy of four generations when nothing is left in Joel 1:3,4,15 Note: A Bible generation is 40 years in Hebrews 3:9.10. 4 x 40 = 160 from 1863 means it ends 2023?

Independence Day: America’s greatness is due to its Constitution that John Adams, 2nd President of US said will only work with a moral and religious people because it was based on self-government and like the Ten Commandments, only works when people are blessed with freedom and want to honor those principles of life without being told or monitored to do this, don’t do that, etc. With millions flooding our borders from every Catholic land to the south, this once Protestant nation is in deep state trouble and has lost its way …

So let’s celebrate a new holiday that some Republicans voted again—why should we need another federal holiday to pay government workers at tax-payer’s expense?

Richard Ruhling is a retired MD who says what we call healthcare because health is inversely related to medical care—the more medical care we get with Rx drugs, the worse our health becomes. That is also something seen in Rev 18:23 where the Greek word that deceives all nations is pharmakeia. We are deceived by symptomatic relief when the drug does not cure the cause and sooner or later, we have double trouble.

Ruhling’s new book, From Lockdown to Knockdown, the Fall of America, has health information that got 5-star reviews, even from an MD Hall of Fame Top 100 Review in a previous book, now seen at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08YJJSGYZ Click “Look Inside” to click > to read the Introduction!

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