Health Tip + Kingdom Topic for Today, Friday, Nov 26

Today’s Health Tip:

The latest death rate for vaccinated people in the UK is 2.2% and it’s 2.44 times higher than unvaccinated death rate of 0.9%.

That’s proof the shot kills, and here’s more proof in a link to a press release showing Has High Risk! Today let’s Thank God for our immune system that does the job and we help it by what we eat! If you want more, here’s a video!

Follow Me to the Wedding with Right Timing!

If Christ were here today, He would give the SAME message in Mark 1:15, but it has a different meaning–

“The Time is Fulfilled!” It’s the time that Peter said not to ignore when 1000 years are as a day.
2Peter 3:8-10 is about when the end-time, “day of the Lord” will begin in 2023.

To understand how and why, please join us in a Free Conference Call each day for different information—join us by calling (732) 434-3652.
No access code is needed–8 AM Pacific Time is 11 AM Eastern Time to listen or Q&A at the end.

If you can’t make it, a link to the recording will be posted here, may God bless you…

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