Medical Care Is Not Healthcare; 5 Ways the Bible Warns Us of Pharma & Physicians, by an MD!

As an MD, board-certified in Internal Medicine, I must warn everyone that I can of medical falsely called healthcare. Medical care is the diagnosis & treatment of disease, but medical literature shows due to unpredictable Adverse Drug Reactions, and for a million who die each year, 20 million are made seriously ill, estimated by medical journals.

Healthcare is what we do for ourselves with healthy habits that can add a decade of life, especially wise eating and beverage habits, but smoking and drinking are also important risk factors/causes.

  1. When asked about the end of the world, Christ said to read and understand the book of Daniel. We find that Daniel wisely opted out of government healthcare in Daniel 1. We should do also.
  2. The pool of Bethesda in John 5 was where a throng of weak, lame, blind, impotent people gathered, hoping for a myth, a cure, when an angel would stir the pool if they were the first one into the pool.
    But we have Bethesda Maryland, home of National Institutes of Health were taxes are pooled to fund drug research. The cure is also a myth, because the drug does not address the cause, though it does relieve symptoms.
  3. In Revelation 18, there is a call to come out of Babylon, the confused systems that include government, education, medical care and religion and the Greek word that deceives all nations is pharmakei, badly translated as sorcery. Why didn’t they translate pharmakeia as pharmacy or drugs? We are deceived.
  4. Every reference to “physicians” in the King James Bible is negative. Christ told of a woman with an issue of blood who spent all her money on physicians and was no better. The Bible offers wisdom.
  5. God says, “Who is like Me, declaring the end from the beginning.” Isaiah 46:10. Early in Bible history, God took Israel to the Promised Land, but just before they got there, many were dying of poisonous serpents. It’s an amazing fact that our current crisis has at its core, the venom of poisonous snakes. You deserve to know the facts from an excellent researcher and physician who explains it all here, Everyone in the world deserves to know the information in that video. Please share the link with your friends on social media and ask them to pass it on!

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  1. This article may blow your mind–check out the video under #5.



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