New E-Book Supports California Exodus Before MegaQuake 2023

Los Angeles, CA—June 17, 2022—Scientists say the San Andreas Fault is overdue and disaster can come anytime. The Bible has accurate future information–it named Cyrus 100 years before his birth and told how he would conquer Babylon when they left two river gates open, Isaiah 45. When Cyrus saw that, he let Israel return to their homeland.

Bible timelines support an earthquake to initiate end-times in 2023 when Muslims siege Israel and President Erdogan of Turkey has appealed for it.

In MegaQuake 2023: How 3 Timelines and 7 Events Signal Apocalyptic Times ($2.99, Kindle), author Dr. Richard Ruhling taps a 35-year interest in Bible prophecy and conferences to explain four ways the earthquake is encoded in Revelation. An example is the last of seven churches, lukewarm with materialism. Christ said he would “knock.” The church ended in an earthquake that destroyed the city circa 63 AD.

Ruhling says rapture books misunderstand the wedding parables. God judged Egypt and took Israel to a covenant that He regarded as marriage. Egypt enslaved Israel and threw their babies in the river. The US has enslaved most people in negative lifestyles and thrown 62 million babies in the trash. The Exodus was a jubilee event with freedom from slavery. Jubilees came on the 50th year. 50 years from Roe v Wade 1973 is 2023.

Ruhling says Zechariah 14 may confirm it. Muslims will take Jerusalem and celebrate their mosque that has an inscription: “Allah has no Son.”  Suddenly “the Lord shall roar from Jerusalem…the heavens and earth shall shake.” The roar is also an encoded earthquake. The earthquake has “day-of-the-Lord” context when God “will shake terribly the earth.” It conveys a message: “Fear God..the hour of His judgment is come.”

The Bible offers specifics for the time of judgment, explained in the book. S. California may expect punishment from the San Andreas for Hollywood that has exported every negative lifestyle to the world so that Muslims think the US is the great Satan.

For further information, readers may visit  and click “Look Inside” to read the Contents before buying. They include

  • Daniel’s vision “at the time of the end” recommended by Christ. Ruhling predicted war with Iraq before 9-11, based on Medes & Persians now being Iraq & Iran.
  • Why God allows Jews to be driven out of Jerusalem
  • How 7 Signs in 2015 were a 7-year warning as when Joseph warned of famine
  • Five ways the Bible warns of government healthcare
  • Ruhling is an MD who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. He offers journalists a link to a high-value video with Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Esselstyn telling how most disease is reversible without risking prescription drugs, adverse events.

Those who don’t have Kindle can get a bonus @

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CONTACT: Richard Ruhling, 928-583-7543,

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