Seeking a Speaker?

Bio: Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author and speaker on topics of current events, Bible prophecy and health. As a board-certified internist, he taught Health Science at Loma Linda University and sees prescription drugs as a leading cause of illness and death. A sought-after speaker for conferences, he predicted the war with Iraq before 9-11 and he shows how militant Islam will be next. He explains how America is overlooked in Bible prophecy due to the symbols used in the Bible. His book, The Alpha & Omega Bible Code has mostly 5-star reviews and he has enjoyed scores of interviews by the media.

Wow Factor: The media want you to think heart disease or cancer is the main threat with drugs to lower cholesterol or surgery and radiation as the answer to cancer. Dr. Ruhling shows how prescription drugs are the #1 risk for illness, disability and death–reasons why you shouldn’t usually “ask your doctor” and questions to ask in seeking help for cancer.

In a similar way, millions are misled by popular preachers with smooth messages. Book Dr. Ruhling for a biblical world view of what’s impending and how to be ready…and why you shouldn’t ask your preacher.

A well-paid speaker by companies for health programming, Ruhling is available on weekends for church groups at reduced cost because of his calling to share the light.

Contact Him: 928 583 7543 or email