“Follow the Money”—Biden & Pharma’s 8 Billion Promote Illness and Death Shot; Do Your Own Research Here!

Another Reason to Impeach Biden, Doubt the Drug Ads and Damn the Mandates, say a growing number of Doctors and Scientists.

Another Reason to Impeach Biden, Doubt the Drug Ads and Damn the Mandates, say a growing number of Doctors and Scientists.

With Biden’s $1Billion and Pharma’s $7 Billion in ads to media, they know where their bread is buttered and they manage to call everything else “misinformation”, even as athletes drop dead and millions continue to suffer the list of problems that FDA warned of (Oct 22, 2020), but like the drugs that FDR approves, many are later found to cause cancer, heart attacks or other problems–a pharma nightmare, says. Richard Ruhling, a physician who was board-certified in Internal Medicine before teaching health at Loma Linda U.

Ruhling decries the CDC as not a federal agency, in business with pharma making billions for its shots they recommend, even for tiny babies that have extremely low risk from the disease, but high risk from autism, due to the mercury preservative in multi-dose vials, but pharma doesn’t care—they sell drug for autism too! https://youtu.be/2Ql9LkGf6ok

The FDA posted this warning for the media 27 months ago—before millions took the shot and got sick or died, but the media never posted the information. Could the billions they get be the cause? asks Ruhling.

Ruhling also had training in Public Health that includes a course in epidemiology–looking at who gets the disease or death from it. Re Covid, the UK beats the US for honesty in the media by reporting 97% of covid deaths have been fully vaccinated; only 3% die that didn’t get the shot. It’s science, but US media fails here.

With physicians, scientists reporting reasons to stop the shot, and undertakers reporting big blood clots, the absence of media to alert the public should cause people to do their own research instead of believing the pharma ads. They are “foxes that guard the hen house,” says Ruhling, offering a dozen links to excellent resources here–


That list fails to list the #1 best-selling book with numerous reasons to avoid the shot. All five references to “physicians” in the Bible have a negative context, like the physicians that embalmed Joseph’s father. It suggests that they lost so many patients, they also did the embalming. Christ healed a woman who spent all her money oh physicians and was no better. The pool of Bethesda in John 5 a prophecy of NIH in Bethesda, Maryland where taxes are pooled to fund drug research for a cure that’s also a myth.

The 18th of Revelation calls everyone to come out of Babylon, confused systems that include pharmakeia, the Greek word that “deceives all nations” in verse 23 and it implies it as a source of the plagues.

For a great book that includes the above graphics, visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09W1XVVMV for soft-cover, or special bargain for a digital copy that includes a link to a high-value video that gives 73% less covid severity (reported by British Med. Journal, you can see 5 minutes of video at https://HealthHappinessDestiny.com (click the DVD-Book tab).

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